PAGE Therapeutics

Page therapeutics, ETH zurich spin-off

Preventing Metastasis, Prolonging Life

PAGE Therapeutics is a platform-based oncology drug development company. Our mission is to discover and commercialize anti-metastatic compounds to improve and prolong the lives of cancer patients.

Cancer is a leading cause of death

Metastasis has always accounted for most cancer-related deaths. This needs to change.

Metastasis origin

Circulating tumor cell clusters (CTC clusters) are responsible for the formation of metastases.

CTC clusters

CTC clusters are multicellular groupings of cancer cells held together through adhesion molecules.

CTC clusters are highly efficient pioneers of the metastatic process. Their presence highlights patients with a poor prognosis.

Currently, no drugs exist to target CTC clusters or prevent their formation.

Dissolving CTC Clusters to Block Metastases

We have identified compounds that target CTC clusters and block the spread of cancer.

01  _____

Dissolution of CTC clusters shuts down metastasis in a preclinical model

02  _____

Survival benefit has been proven in mouse models

03  _____

Proof of concept clinical trial to demonstrate CTC cluster dissolution in patients with breast cancer — selected by Nature Medicine as one of the top 11 studies to shape medicine in 2023

04  _____

New chemistry with highest cluster-dissolution activity identified

Experienced founders,
world-renowned advisors

Dr. Felix Frueh

Felix Frueh is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at PAGE Therapeutics.

As a senior life sciences entrepreneur and executive, he is interested in translating scientific breakthroughs into commercial medical products and bringing them to patients.

Felix’s work took him to various environments, including startups, small and large public companies, and the government. He co-founded several pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, including Selva Therapeutics, a clinical-stage antiviral company.

He was Chief Scientific Officer at Human Longevity, responsible for building the world’s largest CLIA-certified human genome sequencing facility.

He was also President of the Medco Research Institute, overseeing the company’s internal research efforts and clinical studies. He was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Third Rock Ventures and worked at the FDA, building the Agency’s first genomics review organization.

Felix serves as an Advisor and Member of the Board at public and private healthcare companies.

Prof. Dr. Nicola Aceto

Nicola Aceto is co-founder, Chief Science Officer at PAGE Therapeutics and Professor of Molecular Oncology at ETH Zurich.

He contributed to key discoveries in the metastasis field, namely identifying circulating tumor cell (CTC) clusters as critical pioneers of the metastatic process. These scientific discoveries represent the foundational scientific framework of PAGE Therapeutics.

Nicola has received numerous awards for his work on CTC clusters, including the Swiss Science Prize Latsis for Groundbreaking Cancer Research, the EACR Translational Cancer Research Award and the Friedrich Miescher Award for Outstanding Achievements in Biochemistry.

Before joining ETH Zurich and PAGE Therapeutics, he has been SNSF Professor at the University of Basel.

He has completed his training at the Friedrich Miescher Institute (FMI), Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and Harvard Medical School.

Prof. Dr. Med. Christoph Rochlitz

Christoph Rochlitz is co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of PAGE Therapeutics and Professor Emeritus of Medical Oncology at the University of Basel.

He studied medicine at the universities of Heidelberg (D), Berlin (D), Montpellier (F) and Cambridge (UK).

His training in medical oncology included internships and positions as a senior physician in medical oncology at the University Hospitals of Heidelberg, Berlin and Basel (CH), as well as postdoctoral laboratory research at the University of California, San Francisco (USA) and the Institut Pasteur in Paris (F).

During his career, Christoph was involved in numerous phase I, II and III clinical trials in solid tumors, focusing on breast cancer.

Until his retirement in 2022, he was Head of Oncology and President of the Cancer Centre at the University Hospital Basel.

Christoph was also Head of the Breast Centre at the University Hospital Basel and President of the Breast Cancer Project Group of the SAKK (Swiss Association for Clinical Cancer Research, SGCCR).

Prof. Dr. Med. Johann De Bono

London, Institute of Cancer Research & The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Prof. Dr. Med. Reinhard Dummer

Zürich, Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCCZ)

Prof. Dr. Med. Florian Lordick

Leipzig, University Cancer Centre (UCLL)

Prof. Dr. Med. Beat Thürlimann

St. Gallen, Kantonsspital

Prof. Dr. Med. Andrew Tutt

London, King’s College & ICR

Prof. Dr. Med. Michael Zelefsky

New York, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC)